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Doge 2048

Doge 2048

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About Doge 2048

Doge 2048 is an online game which consists of two popular trends - the funny Doge meme and the legendary 2048 game which became very popular several years ago soon after the release. The original version of the 2048 game had tiles with numbers and the player had to move the tiles to join similar and get a new number. The final mission was to unlock the tile with number 2048, that's the reason why the game has such name. In this remake of the original game, you will have to move the tiles with doge pictures, join them together and create a new one. Seems easy ? I bet you can't unlock all of them.

How To Play Doge 2048

Your mission is to move the tiles up/down or left/right but there is one thing that you must keep in mind - there is only place for 16 tiles on the board so you must make your strategy in such way that you always have some space to move the tiles. If there is no space left on the board - you lose the game and start the whole game from the beginning. In comparison to the original game, Doge 2048 has a cute difference - the pictures of doge are aminated and that makes the game even more addictive and fun. Keep in mind that even though that the game may seem funny, it uses your best math skills to achieve success so if you can't reach the final tile, don't give up. With the right strategy you will win every game.

Game Platforms

Today the Doge 2048 game is available on any devide that have internet. Even though that the game does not have multiplayer mode, it still requires internet to load all images. You can also download an app of Doge 2048 and enjoy it on your smartphone. In this case, you won't need the internet connection to play the game. Keep in mind that there are a lot of different remakes of the 2048 Doge with different pictures and graphics, but our website provide only the original edition of the game.

Game Controls

No specific knowledge is required to play this game - you just press the arrow buttons to move the tiles in selected destination. If there is no free space left on the board, the tiles won't move and in this case you should choose a different destination. There are several strategies how to achieve success in the 2048 games, and in fact the most popular one is to try to collect the highest numbers on the top corners of the board while moving tiles in the bottom lines. That's may be very useful so try yourself

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